Full Day Snowmobile Tour

This full day snowmobiling trip through the Matanuska Valley will leave you in awe as you throttle to some of the most breathtaking features of the area. To start the day you’ll throttle across snow and ice to explore and experience the Matanuska Glacier. After bearing the cold with all your warmest layers you get to warm up back at the lodge. Enjoy a delicious lunch and hot drinks to prepare you for your afternoon ride into the Talkeetna Mountains.

This exclusive tour includes:

  • A full day in the Matanuska Valley
  • Lunch and warm drinks back at the lodge
  • Instruction on proper snowmobile driving
  • Guide narration of local geography and stunning views

Our professional guides will be there to help you every step of the way, this trip is perfect for beginners and experienced snowmobilers. Make sure to bring your camera to take photos of some of the most memorable moments and take in the 360 degree views!

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