Scenic Glacier and Mountain Tour

Available in Summer and Winter

Take a Matanuska Glacier helicopter flight with Sheep Mountain Air to enjoy the best sights around from the sky. This tour will take you over hallmarks like glacially fed rivers, jagged mountain sides, canyons, and over crystal clear blue pools on a valley glacier. That’s not to mention the chances you have for spotting wildlife from above!

What to Expect

This scenic helicopter flight over valley glaciers and alongside mountains offers you 25 minutes of in air flight. The experience will fly you over awe-inspiring features. This is the best way to explore the Matanuska Valley in all it’s glory. You will be equipped with a personal headset so that you can hear the narration of the surroundings from your pilot and be able to use a built in microphone to ask any question you might have.

**Pro tip – Light colors on the inside of the helicopter will reflect off of the windows. In order to have the best view and picture perfect moments, wear dark colored clothing for your flight and don’t forget your camera!!

* Minimum age 6 years old & minimum of 2 paying guests to fly*

Glacier, Mountains, and Rivers

From the air you will be able to take in the confluences of the glacier, river and mountains. Each space you fly over will reveal new and hidden treasures. As you edge the glacier you might fly into otherwise secret canyons along the mountain. Fly towards snow covered peaks and observe giant sections of ice falls and features rarely seen.

Eye in the Sky

In the Matanuska Valley it is almost always blue skies and sunshine. And when you are in the helicopter you will be able to take in a full view with full panel windows in each seat and be able to look out from the windshield. This offers many chances to catch amazing photography and create lifelong memories.

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