Glacier Helicopter Landing

Hop into our shiny red helicopter for our most popular tour featuring amazing blue glacial pools and ice!

 In the heart of the Matanuska Valley an exclusive helicopter experience awaits. The historic Sheep Mountain Lodge is your connection to an awe-inspiring glacier adventure.

This tour includes:

  • 20 minutes in the sky + up to 20 minutes on the ice
  • Endless photography and memory making opportunities
  • Local knowledge and interpreting from your pilot Mark
  • Personal headset and microphone for communication during flight time

**Pro Hiking Tip – Hiking on ice is very different than on land. If you have hiking boots, please wear them for the day, otherwise any structured closed toe shoe will work. We will provide you with micro spikes for traction on the white ice.

Best Seat in the Sky

No need to fight over the “best” seat though, each seat offers a full glass clarity to the expansive and breathtaking views of the Matanuska Valley. Be sure to stretch your trigger finger for your camera because the chances for excellent photography are limitless. You will fly alongside volcanic plugs, glacially carved valleys, into canyons of the Chugach Mountain range, spot wildlife, and so much more, like the expanse of the Matanuska Glacier!

Make it Private

Options for private tours available when booking.

Ice Investigations

After you have explored the glacial wind drafts with your pilot, your experience will be steered to a remote, backcountry, location on the Matanuska Glacier. The pilot will land you right onto a section of white ice, far from the typical crowds you’d see on the toe of the glacier. This is where you’ll step out and experience one of the coolest places on Earth.

With just an hour’s commitment, make the most of your Alaska vacation. This tour is great for small family exploration, photography, romantic exploration, or for those with younger kids who wouldn’t be able to experience the glacier otherwise.

Contact Us by email or send us a message through the clickable link with questions, concerns, or customization needs.


Guest Requirements

*Minimum of 2 guests to fly*
*2 year minimum age, no lap children*
*Individual Seat Limit 300lbs*
*Passenger Total Flight Weight 650lbs*


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